A-2 is the Best

Project Overview

When a large part of the market is dominated by a big national player selling a brand which is very high in demand, life becomes very difficult for small players to survive. The milk market of Gujarat is predominantly high fat buffalo milk market. ‘Amul gold’ is the market leader and to survive in the market by selling low fat cow milk can be very challenging. The challenge becomes graver if the company by principle doesn’t want to sell anything accept cow’s milk. One of the not for profit organization devoted to the service of cow faced this unique problem which was constraining its growth. HMV was referred to conduct a market research and provide strategy to fuel growth of cow milk.

Our Solution

With an objective to understand the consumer behaviour towards milk in general and cow milk in particular; we conducted qualitative consumer research by drawing samples from different sections of the markets. We also carried out trade and channel research in order to understand the challenges faced in selling cow milk. We identified gaps and shortlisted key demand drivers through this research. In order to “go close to the consumer” we evolved SOPs for the exclusive franchise stores which were selling cow milk. We designed campaign as per the identified demand drivers which could be executed across the residential catchment areas of the stores. One of the demand drivers identified was to educate consumers that “A-2 Indian cow milk” was much better option than the regular milk they were buying. During the course of research we found out none of the market players was differentiating themselves in terms of A-2 milk during FY 2012-13. The entire marketing mix was designed taking into consideration the “A-2 milk” and other demand drivers.

In order to deploy the strategy we trained and co-ordinated with a team of market demonstrators. 3 stores were selected for the pilot project and the campaign was reviewed every evening. Corrective strategy measures were implemented through the demonstrators during the course of the pilot run. After the pilot run the complete strategy was handed over to the company through a cascading session with their managers.

The Impact

The sale of exclusive stores increased drastically (more than 3 times) during the campaigning and it sustained much above the initial level even after the campaign was withdrawn. This sale needed in order to survive in the niche market. The cross-sell of other cow milk products like Ghee, Mithai, as well as Gau-Mutra based products, was also significant. The walk-ins of consumers at the exclusive franchise outlets increased manifolds.