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11 symbolic messages of Lord Ganesha will help the participants to move on the path of achievements with sublime attitude. The form of Lord Ganesha provides many symbolic messages to the employees of the world as to how to become better and better employees, this workshop will empower participants with knowledge of 11 symbolic messages and a simple methodology to put them into practice.

Lord Ganesh's 11symbolic messages can help

    Importance of 11symbolic messages
  • They will understand what difference each message makes on the life of an employee.
  • Art of introspection
  • Tools and techniques of the workshop will make participants introspects on the 11symbolic messages.
  • Method of implementation
  • Simple technique will be provided to the participants on how to implement 11 symbolic messages.
  • Importance of attitude
  • Combination of attitude and capability makes average or an excellent employee. Participants will understand the importance of good attitude.
  • Aspects of capabilities
  • Having knowledge and having capabilities is entirely different. Employees will be empowered.

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