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Our market research links the consumer, trade & channel partners, and competition to the company’s decision making process. It helps reduce risk by providing information to many questions that the company faces in order to optimize sales, distribution and marketing functions. HMV provides customized “Qualitative Primary Market Research” services which has the potential to unlock tremendous value for your business.

The Key highlights of our market research offerings are

  • Team of experienced in-house market researchers,
  • Evolve customized design for market research surveys for your business.
  • In-depth data analysis for providing insights for effective & efficient decision making.
  • Powerful presentation backed by visualization to highlight key issues so they can help you to optimize resource allocation.
  • Experienced field researchers to collect high quality primary data using technology.
  • Strategy recommendation to harness growth for the short and long run.

Consumer Research

In fast changing consumer expectations, heightened competition, commoditization
have many

Retail and Trade

Retail and trade channel partners are like artilleries of any business it is through which the goods, services and cash flows

B2B Market

Our B2B market research provides insights into buying behaviour of end users by surveying a representative.

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Explore our insights, solutions and impact from our past projects.

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