Growth of a Dairy Company

Project Overview

A midsize dairy company with a top-line of approx. Rs.475 Crores was looking for a consulting program which can align all the departments towards specific as well as common goals. The brief from the head of HR also included the need for business development as there was huge competition from the unorganised sector as well as large dairy brand like Amul.

Our Solution

HMV Consulting identified Strategic Thrust Areas which were required to be work upon for faster growth in Top-line as well as Bottom-line. We introduced and implemented Hoshin Kanri methodology for aligning all the departments towards the organizational goals. Through our monthly consulting engagement we also evolved the strategy and tactics for growth of the dairy business. One of the successful strategies was to open exclusive small shopees for increasing the depth of distribution as well as availability. The format of the shopees were evolved and implemented. Around 1000 exclusive shopees were opened in 12 months; which boosted the Top-line as well as impacted the brand visibility positively. The other Strategic Thrust Areas which Hoshin Kanri impacted were new product development, bulk business and government business. As per PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) principle action plans under the each strategic areas were evolved and monitored for effective implementation during monthly consulting with different teams.

The Impact

The company was able to notch T.O. of Rs.1000 Crores within 4 years of administering of the methodology. During 2016-17 Amul opened its branch office in Rajkot in order to compete more effectively with our client’s brand. The brand was able to make inroads into upper sections of the society through effective distribution and branding activities.