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Retail and trade channel partners are like artilleries of any business it is through which the goods, services and cash flows and keeps the business healthy. Any blockage in the channel can prove to the fatal for any company. We believe that the understanding of the rules of the trade is the key to successful sales growth. Whether a company is planning to introduce a new product/category in an existing market or entering a new market, it is inevitable to understand how the competition is operating and what consumers prefer and expect.


Retailer surveys can help to understand

  • Shelf off take and self-share of various competitors.
  • Market share of key players, fast moving product variants & pack sizes.
  • Key drivers of purchase, strategic and decisive price points.
  • Effective distribution structure and supply chain.
  • Competitor activity and its impact.
  • Market gaps & Consumer expectations at the POP level.
  • Trade terms and it`s impact.

Motivated distributors, dealers or trade partners can help improve top line and also enhance operating margins.  Their stickiness and sales performance depends upon their satisfaction level with the company’s policies. Every company plays its part towards maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with trade however it is important to measure the impact of those initiatives.

Through our Distributor, dealer and trade channel research…

  • We measure your channel partner’s opinion about company’s trade policies.
  • Suggestions for BTL and ATL activities for your company.
  • Operational issues like sales staff communication, conflict resolution mechanism etc.
  • Opinion about the sales process – system of generating secondary sales, sales off-take Etc.
  • Satisfaction towards and preference for sales incentive scheme.

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