Best year of a Decade

Project Overview

The work environment in the US and in India is remarkably different. Someone who has joined the traditional family business after working overseas in a multinational environment; can be a very challenging prospect to harness. A leading business house having multiple laminate brands faced challenges regarding leadership transition. The requirement was to clear strategy for future growth, evolve a new structure for the business on professional lines, and enhance productivity at all levels and functions from production to sales.

Our Solution

We were referred to the managing director of company through a common contact. As a part of our consulting practice we undertook diagnostic session at factory shop floor as well as at corporate office. Through one on one meeting with the owners and top managers of the company along with sales data analysis we identified gaps as well as leverage-able capabilities of the company. We also conducted trade channel market research on pan India basis in order to understand the competitive advantage of the company as well as its brands. Top line & bottom line goals for 2020-22 with projected balance sheet figures were evolved taking into considerations various parameters of the diagnostic session. In order to have smoother day to day operations the Key Performance Indictors (KPIs) were evolved for production as well as other functions with measurement criteria for the success of the parameter. In order to maximize impact of strategy, we aligned it with a new organization structure.

The Impact

The laminate company has been able to achieve the highest numbers for growth in top line as well as a bottom line over a decade for FY 2018-19. The company is on a growth trajectory having launched new successful brands as a part of the overall game plan. The new product development vertical which was created in the new organization structure has contributed tremendously towards the success of the brands. The new distributor appointment drive has fuelled growth this was possible only due to the alignment of strategy and structure. There is more gloss on the balance sheet to be harnessed even for the future. The leadership impact is immense in India.