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Our Vision

In order to realise true potential of any given business we would like to solve business problems of various nature, degree and magnitude. We will create a better future for businesses and people.

Our Mission is clear

HMV’s mission is to grow client’s business by creating a culture which allows harnessing maximum potential. In order to address problems faced at different stages of business life cycle we do in-depth analysis, evolving insights and provide solutions. Our impact is enhanced productivity at all levels and for all the functions of the business. We thrive to serve our clients best through a collaborative approach with various expert professionals and by constantly upgrading our consulting practices.

Why Us?

HMV consulting’s methodology helps to harness sustainable growth for businesses from diverse sectors. Our smart and simple approach impacts all functions of the organisation, while sales, marketing and distribution remains the key focus areas for growth. We provide rational approach to people who implement the change, which enables sustainability.

With experience of thousands of hours of active on the floor consulting through multiple projects in diverse industries we are very well equipped to serve any business. Through our refined methodology we are all set to formulate growth strategy and also to sustain it through our deployment phase consulting.




Consulting Mandays






Since its inception, HMV has grown without diminishing the unique values that make people want to work for and with us. The following set of value is part of our DNA.

Trust & Respect

We encourage and welcome free thought process even if it is contrary to our own thinking. By Interacting with mutual respect we bring out the best solution for the growth of the business. We build and follow business practices which enable people to trust even when they are not face to face with each other.

Integrated Approach

In our consulting business solutions cannot be offered in isolation. We need to have an integrated approach as any decision on process will have impact on people as well as systems or even on strategy. Similarly when decisions regarding people are taken other 3 elements of the business will be impacted in varied degrees. We take an integrated approach to sustainable solutions which consider impact on strategy, people, processes and systems.

Mutual growth

We are here to help our clients grow sustainable business. When our client business grows through our consultation it is the best reward for us.

Collaboration amongst diversity

Businesses are becoming complex as they operate in fast changing multiple segments of the society. It is very important to understand and collaborate without any sorts of discrimination know to the human mind.

Value oriented consulting

Providing solutions on a continuous basis through strategy deployment over a period of time brings a sea change in the organization. We keep adding value to our clients business in the dosages depending upon the capacity as well as circumstances prevailing. Thus our value orientation consulting engages and motivates the employees toward the common goal.

Up gradation & innovation

We constantly upgrade our consulting practice by interacting with experienced professional or by reading and listening to them. We also keep reviewing on going as well as past projects in order to sharpen our thought processes. We are also committed to innovate the way we offer our consulting practice.

Our Team

Himanshu Vyas

A result oriented Business consultant and sales professional offering decades of rich experience of leadership derived from various companies. Recognized for ability to incorporate innovative management strategies, systems & processes to boost sales, enhance business practices, increase productivity at various levels and enhance bottom-line. He has worked extensively in driving profitable sales growth and large scale transformations for clients in the FMCG, dairy, Laminates & Tiles industries from last 12+ years of business consulting.

Vaikunth Bhatt

VG Bhatt has decades of rich experience of distributor, dealer & retailer handling, mainly automobile & FMCG sector. He has rich experience in gathering primary data from various sources from the market place which supports strategy formulation & deployment. His inputs of grass root level realities sharpens the potency of strategies & with productive deployment of resources.

Chitra Bhatt

A dynamic Management Professional with 7 years+ experience of project management, process management & KPI Review with HMV Business Consulting & Tata Consultancy Services. Strong analytical skills complemented by passion for achieving high quality at work.

Bhautik Oza

9 years of experience in food, beverages & FMCG industry.
Interested in dramatics and has a religious & spiritual bent of mind.

Gautam Jani

Decades of experience in the banking industry having worked at various levels. He has successfully handeled regional leadership positions in large banks. Gautam has expertise in fulfilling working capital requirements of organisations in a very cost effective and timely manner.