Hoshin Kanri

It is imperative that many forward-thinking companies are launching transformations even when they are market leaders, they aim at staying ahead even in fast-changing environment. Their goal is a transformation that’s focused, sustainable, and is able to deliver measurable results. The methodology that can help to achieve the transformational goal is Hoshin Kanri. Today the method is practised by small as well as large companies across different industries which speaks volumes about the applicability of Hoshin Kanri across diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Even after almost 6 decades of its emergence Hoshin Kanri is helping many companies to achieve sustainable growth in the most difficult of the situations.

Well known users of this method include many giant corporations like L&T and GCMMF (Amul). These organizations adopted Hoshin Kanri methodology since 1990s when they were relatively smaller organizations. Hoshin Kanri has been adopted by SME sector companies like Gopaljee Ananda, VRS Foods, and Maahi milk producer union to name a few. We have administered Hoshin Kanri in few organization with a turnover range of $25 to $257 million (Rs.155 Crores to Rs.1800 Crores).

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